Crisp, clean air.Skies filled with stars during nights unspoiled by light pollution.The friendliness of country neighbours in a beautiful, rustic setting. If that sounds like you, Lowood could be the town for you.

Shaped in part by Lockyer Creek, which flows through the district and joins the Brisbane River, Lowood sits within easy distance to both Brisbane and Ipswich. Those familiar with Lowood love to ride or walk the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail, which runs for 8K between Lowood and Fernvale, and 12K between Lowood and Coominya. The town of Lowood was built around the Brisbane Valley branch railway station, and you’ll still find echoes of the station and those who lived and worked there today.

A short drive will take you to either Lake Wivenhoe, known for its non-motorised watersports and fishing, or to Lake Atkinson, where you can enjoy your favourite power craft while skiing, tubing or free-styling on freshwater.